Ziplining and Thrilling Forest Adventures in Japan

The concept of forest adventures is thought to have originated in France. A company called Altus designed a unique therapeutic course, involving ziplining and rope climbing, for a cooperate team building for a staff outing. The employees had a great time, and word spread of the amazing fun the course had to offer. Soon, Altus opened its doors to the public and the world, as a result of the skyrocketing demand for treetop experiences such as the first one. Many countries have adopted courses like that, and they have become popular holiday activities across America, Europe, Asia, and beyond.

Initially, La Foret de L’aventure, the experience is widely known in Japan through its English derivation, forest adventures, which is not as much a mouthful. It popularly entails ziplining between trees, walking footbridges of rope, seesaw swings, rock climbing, and more. In some cases, the experience may include barbecues and tubing. Course options exist in plenty in Niigata, Hokkaido, and Nagano, with the most remarkable being the country’s longest zip line (510 meters) in Ikeda Town. With beautiful mountains and forests across Saitama, Chiba, Shiga, and Gifu, among other places, forest adventures in Japan offer adrenaline rush-cum-sightseeing activities!  Everyone can be part of the tours, which are open to children and adults alike!

That said, here are Japan’s most thrilling courses!

1. Learn the ways of the forest ninja in Gero city, Gifu

Test your balance against dangling footbridges as you make your way around a forest obstacle course and swing between branches like monkeys. Some time alone, or with the entire family, in nature is sure to do you a whole lot of good!

Fun Forest Adventure for Active Nature Enthusiasts Such as Ziplines, Ninja Traps, and More! Beginner and Children Friendly Course in Gifu!
Gero, Gifu

2. Conquer a Godzilla forest park in Hyogo!

Go on an adventure that you'll never forget! Visit the Godzilla museum, zipline over a 120m long rope crossing Godzilla's mouth, and dodge attacks from the monster itself! A once-in-a-lifetime adventure you don't want to miss.

株式会社 ニジゲンノモリ
Godzilla Theme Park on Awaji Island: Zip-line Straight Into Godzilla's Mouth!
Awaji City, Hyogo

3. Fun ziplining in Nagano

If you live for adrenaline and excitement, this 122-meter-high Nagano zip sky ride is for you! It’s so fun and easy, even children can participate.

Zip Sky Ride in Nozawa Onsen Village | Fly in the air with 652m in total length and 122m above sea level!
Nozawa Onsen Village, Shimotakai District, Nagano

4. Hyogo experience to brighten up your day

Answer the call of the Hyogo wild, via a forest plan in Toyooka that features a special crab pizza! Run about the trees on a zipline and hone your skills with rope walking, net climbing, and more!

かんなべ自然学校(Kannabe nature school)
Climb Trees and Enjoy the Superb Nature Views in Hyogo! (Half-day Course)
Toyooka, Hyogo
Play in the Outdoors with Your Friends and Family in an Exciting Oku Kannabe Forest Adventure (Zip-Lining, Tree Climbing, and More!)
Toyooka, Hyogo
Zip-Lining, Climbing, and Other Forest Adventures at Oku Kannabe an Outdoor Park in Toyooka City!
Toyooka, Hyogo

5. A unique weekend getaway in Hyogo

Enjoy an adventure day full of laughter, thrills and excitement at the Mt. Rokko Athletic Park GREENIA! Adults and kids will have a blast as they try out the climbing wall, slides, ziplines and more!

Get Your Mt. Rokko Athletic Park GREENIA Admission Tickets Today!
Kitarokko Rokkosancho, Nada Ward, Kobe, Hyogo

6. Find the key to happiness at Crayon Shin-Chan Adventure Park

Crayon Shin-chan Adventure Park is an attractive area where you can experience the world of the popular anime "Crayon Shin-chan". There are many popular attractions for both adults and children, including a huge sports facility with various obstacle courses to guarantee maximum fun and adventure!

株式会社 ニジゲンノモリ
Enjoy a Day Filled with Thrilling Outdoor Activities at Awaji Island's Crayon Shin-chan Adventure Park!
Awaji City, Hyogo

7. Japan’s largest zip line experience in Fukui

Offering a record-breaking 60 m high and 510 m long mega zip line, this Ikeda Town course offers a massive flying experience above a beautiful tree line. In autumn, the green of foliage is replaced by gorgeous red and orange while the winter cover of snow is enchanting!

Fly Across Breathtaking Scenery at a 510m Long in a Thrilling Ziplining Adventure in Fukui!
Ikeda, Fukui
Experience Fun Outdoor Adventures in the Refreshing Nature of Fukui!
Ikeda, Fukui

8. Incredible sights from a Chichibu zipline

Put your body to the test against a real fitness challenge in Chichibu, Saitama. The course ensures physical workouts through artificial rock climbing and six scenic zipline swings that rush over a green valley!

Fun for the Whole Family: Forest Adventure Experience in Chichibu!
Kuna, Chichibu, Saitama

9. Fun heights and good food on zipline adventures

Adjacent to the famous Takeda castle, this Hyogo forest adventure presents a day of fun entailing rope walking and swings. Sit down to a delicious barbecue of roasted beef, corn, vegetables, and more afterward!

Spend a Fun-Filled Day with this Thrilling Forest Adventure Plan in Hyogo!
Sano, Asago City, Hyogo
オーベルジュ アルビレオ天文台
Oku Kannabe Thrilling Forest Adventure and Delicious BBQ Lunch in Hyogo!
Toyooka, Hyogo

Frequently asked questions

QHow did forest adventures start in Japan?

AThe first forest adventure started in France as team building for company employees. However, the treetop playground, entailing climbing and ziplining, was opened to all due to overwhelming public demand. It spread internationally, and now the same company offers forest adventures in Japan via partnerships!

QAre there any good places to zipline in Japan?

AFor the biggest ziplining challenge in the country, you can sign up for a 510-meter long course in Fukui. Family-friendly forest adventure courses are also available in Nagano, Hokkaido, Saitama, Chiba, and Hyogo, among other places throughout Japan.

QWhat kid-friendly, outdoor activities can families try out in Japan?

AThe entire family is sure to have a good time on a forest adventure. Hyogo barbecues and forest adventures are excellent weekend getaway ideas with the children, especially if your loved one is celebrating a special day such as a birthday.

QAre children allowed in forest adventure parks?

AForest adventure parks are not for adults only; in fact, children tend to have the best time in the courses and are highly encouraged to participate. There are no restrictions, and both the young and young-at-heart are welcome to try out the experience.

QAre forest adventure activities dangerous?

ASafety equipment is provided to all forest adventure participants to ensure they have fun but remain safe at all times. Ultimately, participants are responsible for their individual safety. Please make sure to observe all necessary safety guidelines, like secure harness attachment, and others as guided.