15 Best Things to do in Akita Prefecture | Bucket List Ideas | Attractions | Activities

一個以水稻種植為動力的縣,難怪秋田是最美味的大米和飲食文化的故鄉。桐田蒲已成為該地區的特產,包括許多秋田的美食,還有蕎麥麵等其他美味佳餚然而,秋田不僅是關於食物的;它還讓客人有機會在 Minshukus 的當地人的鞋子中走上幾天,同時還提供機會探索世界上最大的山毛櫸森林,橫跨著名山脈的能量點!

Mt Moriyoshi also makes for a nice bucket list, as do Maki-e making classes, Kuroyu onsen baths, and photoshoots with the cute prefectural dogs.


1. Taxi sightseeing with views of Mt Moriyoshi


Charter Taxi Transfer Service Between Aniai Station and Mt. Moriyoshi: Enjoy the Beautiful Seasonal Nature Sceneries
Kitaakita, Akita

2. Smile for the camera: Photoshoots with an Akita dog


Odate, Akita

3. Rural life in its purest form at Akita

Do you grow weary of the nature of modern life, often characterized by little backyard space and an absence of fresh air? Then escape into rural life at a farm in Odate where you get to live like the ancient natives. Enjoy traditional kiritanpo dinners in tatami houses!

Experience Japanese Rural Life at a Farm in Akita: Learn How to Cook the Local Specialty Kiritanpo, Experience Farming Activities, and Relax at a Hot Spring!
Odate, Akita

4. Nakayama soba noodles: The culinary pride of Akita


Enjoy Making Nakayama Soba with the Locals Using Rich-Flavored Buckwheat Flour and Local Specialty Yams
Odate, Akita

5. Impress friends with Kiritanpo making skills

Hinai chicken offers a unique dimension of crisp and tasty, making the perfect accompaniment for the trademark kiritanpo Akita. Learn how to roast the delicacies over a traditional open hearth, including how to mix and match flavors for the best combinations!

Enjoy Making Authentic Kiritanpo Hotpot with the Locals in Odate!
Odate, Akita
Make, Bake, and Eat Fresh! Join Kiritanpo Cooking Experience: Akita's Famous Local Cuisine!
Yurihonjo, Akita

6. Impressive acting and heritage at Korakukan theater

Constructed in 1910 to entertain local miners, Korakukan theater is an architectural blend that brings together Western flair and Japanese beauty. Tours here entail an exciting drama performance, backstage visits, and Kosaka mine office tours!

Korakukan Traditional Popular Drama Show Admission Ticket with Kuroko Backstage Tour, and Visit Kosaka Mine Office in Akita
Kosaka, Akita
Winter Limited Tour: Special Guided Tour Around the ``Korakukan`` Facility and Various Experiences with a Freshly Brewed Coffee Break in Akita
Kosaka, Akita
Enjoy Watching the Traditional Popular Drama at a Historical Playhouse Korakukan and Guided Tour Around Kuroko Backstage!
Kosaka, Akita
Winter Limited Tour: Special Guided Tour Around the Korakukan Facility, Dressing Up in Historical Drama Costumes, and Visiting Kosaka Mine Office with a Freshly Brewed Coffee!
Kosaka, Akita

7. Spend a day in paradise at Lake Taihei

The artificial Lake Taihei has flourished into a wonder of nature, surrounded by gatherings of green trees and colorful flowers climbing up hills. Tours here entail stunning views of Komata gorge, and Sankai falls!

Go on a Leisurely Boat Tour on Lake Taihei! Enjoy the Seasonal Sceneries and Beautiful Unexplored Nature
Kitaakita, Akita

8. Slip back into old Japan in Kameda town

Stubborn to change and unmoved by the world around it, Kameda town retains all the looks and feels of the Edo period. Old temples hundreds of years old, such as Myokeiji temple, make for a notable stopover in beautifully ancient streets!

Slip into the Edo Period: Learn the Traditions and Culture of Kameda Town in a Walking Guided Tour Around the Historic Sightseeing Spots
Yurihonjo, Akita

9. Dress up with Makie lacquer making experiences

Makie lacquer from Yuzawa is always the talk of the town in Akita and beyond. Learn how to make these exquisite cultural ornaments using well-kept techniques passed down generations, and make fashion statements wherever you go!

Experience Making Traditional Japanese Makie Lacquerware Crafts in Yuzawa!
Yuzawa, Akita

10. Rejuvenate the senses at a power spot in the Shirakami mountains


Activity Japan东北(藤里町观光协会)
Guided River Trekking Tour Through the Mystical Beech Forest of Shirakami Mountains
Noshiro, Akita

11. River treks along the peaceful Kumo river

Still within the Shirakami mountains, Kumo river offers beautiful trekking on the pebbles of shores that parts the green landscape. You can also become one with nature by floating about in the clear stream or napping on rocks!

Activity Japan东北(藤里町观光协会)
Shirakami Mountains Guided Trekking Tour and One-Night Camping Experience
Noshiro, Akita

12. 在奧白神尋找大自然的召喚

你在尋找生命的意義嗎?Oku Shirakami 提供幽靜的環境來思考你的想法,並以最純淨的形式探索地球母親的元素。在幽靈公主森林中尋找和平!

Activity Japan东北(藤里町观光协会)
Guided Trekking Tour Around the Mountain Streams and Indomitable Natural Cedar at the Power Spot of Oku Shirakami!
Noshiro, Akita

13. Stories become reality at Godzilla rock

At sunset, the silhouette of Godzilla rock reminds visitors of the superhero dinosaur, with the orange embers of light around the face almost emulating his fire breathing abilities. Up until October from April, the sun aligns perfectly in his mouth like a flaming ball!

14. Visit the girl turned into stone at Lake Tazawa


15. Kuroyu hot spring baths surrounded by autumn colors

Kuroyu onsen is romanticized by autumn red and orange and makes for nice getaways when craving some alone time with nature or your better half. The healing hot waters offer soothing answers to the seasonal cold!

Frequently asked questions

Q What to see in Akita?

A Korakukan theater has amazing traditional performances for guests, and its two-faced architecture never fails to impress. Myokeiji temple, Lake Tazawa, Godzilla rock, and Mt. Moriyoshi also serve up things to do in Akita, entailing amazing nature and myths to bewilder the mind.

Q What is Akita famous for?

A 秋田犬享譽世界,這個可愛的品種起源於該縣。秋田以其令人印象深刻的大米產量和kiritanpo等菜餚而聞名。它也貢獻了日本清酒消費的最大份額!

Q What to do in Akita in winter?

A When the winter snow rolls in, the best things to do in Akita entail:

• 森吉山的阿尼度假村滑雪

• 秋田犬擁抱和拍攝和服租賃

• 農場住宿和與當地人一起製作 Kiritanpo

• 在該國最古老的木製劇院觀看歌舞伎

Q How far is Akita from Tokyo?

A 秋田距東京 450 公里,另有 124 公里的公路。旅行選擇需要乘坐大約 4 小時的火車,10 小時的過夜巴士,以及 8.5 小時的巴士選擇。您也可以直接飛往縣1小時多一點。

Q How to book a Korakukan drama show?

A 後樂館融合了西洋和日式風格,是日本最古老的劇院。Activity Japan 有多種計劃,客人可以通過這些計劃預訂後台參觀、機構參觀(包括礦山辦公室和舞台表演)的門票。有時,客人還可以享受特別的咖啡休息時間。