Tohoku Offers the Perfect Spring Itinerary!

TOHOKU is treasured all-year-round, but the spring season is among its most major highlights. With impressive collections of cherry blossoms roaring into life, not to mention a long-winding heritage, delicious local specialties, and infectious culture abound, Tohoku serves up fun-filled sightseeing guided tours without equal!

If water sports have drawn you to Tohoku, you'll not be disappointed! With many scenic lakes and gentle rivers now brimming with the glow of spring foliage, there are tons of cool outdoor activities perfect under the blistering sun of the season. You can go canoeing on Lake Towada, for instance, or try out diving , stand up paddleboarding , and surfing . Additionally, choose to spend some time at the Hirosaki Castle in Aomori, which is famed for its history and the spectacular sakura in its ancient garden.

在流行中放松 onsens 或前往仙台镇的街道,探索其隐藏的小巷“横丁”,并成为当地饮酒传统的一部分。如果这听起来是您喜欢做的事情,您还会喜欢品尝啤酒和 sake brewery tours 东北地区。除了饮料,东北地区还可以让您体验其他著名的文化体验,包括 ceramic pottery , 传统的 Japanese Lacquerware making , taiko (日本鼓),和 chopsticks making . 更独特 traditional experiences 涉及本土习俗包括 kokeshi doll making 和气喘吁吁。

喜欢日本料理的人也可以玩得很开心。拥抱清酒和美食之旅 cooking classes 特色菜包括河豚、牡蛎、鱼糕、比内鸡烤肉火锅和荞麦荞麦面!

What do people do for fun in Tohoku during spring? It certainly has something to do with the many beautiful cherry blossoms going around this time of year. For one, you can head over to Fukushima, where the Miharu Takizakura (a weeping cherry tree) puts on a dazzling show that looks like a waterfall of sakura. This tree is considered the country's most beautiful cherry blossom, and it has been around for more than a millennium! The Aizu-Wakamatsu castle provides more sakura viewing within the same prefecture. Iwate's Kitakami Tenshochi Park and the Kajo Park in Yamagata should also feature on any worthy sakura to-do list of Tohoku.

What else you say? Well, we're only just getting started! Have you ever been on taxi sightseeing tours in Tohoku? Or ridden across the lush spring landscape on cycling tours in Tohoku? They are among some of the world's best and make up an experience you shouldn't get left out on. The same goes for guided sightseeing tours and trekking tours in Yamagata that take visitors around Tsuruoka City and Mt. Haguro and also cruising tours through green rivers and lakes.

With lots of Edo history on offer and so many spring activities and cultural experiences than you can count with both hands, Tohoku ensures your Japan spring and summer holidays are full of excitement and adventure. Let Activity Japan lead you to your heart's desire!

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东北是水上运动的天堂。从十和田湖的独木舟和皮划艇之旅到猪苗代湖的 SUP 冒险,您将有多种选择!更多关于水上活动方面的内容来自宫城和岩手的冲浪体验,专业潜水认证课程。没有比这更好的地方开始您的水上运动冒险了。

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无尽的东北导游任您摆布,没有时间无聊!当渴望开始时,仙台非常适合后巷酒吧跳跃,而宫城则非常适合令人叹为观止的滑翔伞。您是否更喜欢农业体验. Miharu 和 Akita 的当地农舍提供很多服务。更棒的是,乘坐游轮和自行车游览 Tohoku 穿越春天的风景,骑入日落!

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A diverse and exciting Japanese culture awaits your indulgence, and you can learn the ways of Edo warriors with ninja and samurai tours in Tohoku. Apart from ancient martial arts, sit down to traditional Japanese Lacquerware painting involving beautiful colors and patterns, or sing your day away listening and taking part in Tohoku taiko drumming, famous for the role it plays across important festivals in the country!

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Watch shooter games come to life with survival games in Tohoku that give you the pleasure of wielding military weapons and experiencing the simulation of battle. More fun comes in the form of canoe snow sledding in Tohoku and relaxing with fulfilling Tohoku hot spring trips. Lovers of speed are covered by go-kart experiences that give you a taste of life should you have wanted to become a pro racer!

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If the food of the region interests you more than anything, we have plenty lined up for you! You could try your hand at fugu cuisine cooking or other cooking classes in Tohoku that might be of interest to you. Stop by a famous restaurant and get a rare showing of what happens behind the kitchen doors, or stroll down to a brewery for some unique sake tasting in Tohoku!

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For those with a passion for handwork and creating art, Tohoku pottery workshops are just the place to breathe life into your ideas. You can do the same with different materials at metal workshops in Tohoku, where you can make soldier figurines and whatever else that comes to mind. Building and painting kokeshi dolls is just as fulfilling and so too is creating popular eating accessories in Japanese culture like chopsticks!